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Find out about the program of this year's festival. We hope you will find something for yourself.

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DIRECTION: PHOTOGRAPHY Meeting with schools: PWSTiF, Academy of Fine Arts, Sopot School of Photography, moderated by Paweł Klein

Workshop with Søren Lilholt

Festival opening evening

Opening of Agnieszka Sejud's exhibition


Workshops with Tomek Kawecki

DANISH PHOTOGRAPHY - Meeting with Beata Cegielska and Kristine Autzen, led by Adam Mazur

Meeting with Soren Lilholt led by Maja Kaszkur, curator

Opening of the exhibition "Abandoned Daughters of the Tiger"

Opening of the exhibition "Soil Studies" and Meeting with artists

Opening of the photo book exhibition

Meeting with art - residents - Tomek Kawecki and Igor Pisuk, led by Trzy Kruki - Łukasz Sokoł and Michał Leja

Portrait Studio of Sopot Residents

Meeting with Iwona El Tanbouli-Jabłońska, curator of the National Geographic exhibition

Portrait Studio of Sopot Residents

Editorial workshop - Beata Łyżwa, Grzegorz Kosmala, Iwona El Tanbouli-Jabłońska - hosted by Paweł Klein

Portrait Studio of Sopot Residents

Awarding the prize in Instagram competition, exhibition vernisage

Guided tour of the exhibition - Hubert Humka

The unveiling of the 6th Sopot Photo Monument by Wojtek Wieteska

Opening of Main Exhibition

Opening of Trine Søndergaard's exhibition - „Spaces & Portraits”

Opening of an open-air exhibition of the Łódź Film School - „Topos"

Opening of Sopot School of Photography exhibition

Opening of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk exhibition - „Lucid dream”

Opening of Hubert Humka's exhibition - „Divine”

Opening of Kacper Kowalski's exhibition - „Event Horizon”

Opening of National Geographic exhibition - „Women : A Century of Change”

Meeting with Kacper Kowalski led by Maja Kaszkur

Meeting with Patryk Bułhak, led by Trzy Kruki - Łukasz Sokoł and Michał Leja.

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