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Find out about the program of this year's festival. We hope you will find something for yourself.

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Opening of Main Exhibition: Anna Orłowska, Witek Orski, Visvaldas Morkevičiu

Opening of the festival

„Flores” - Szymon Kobusiński

Opening of the exhibition „Flow”

Vernissage and curatorial tour of the „Soul Studies” exhibition

Carnival After Party

Meeting with residents: Witkiem Orskim, Anną Orłowską i Visvaldasem Morkevičiusem – hosted by Maja Kaszkur

Meeting with prof. Grzegorz Przyborek – hosted by Beata Łyżwa-Sokół

Meeting with Szymonem Kobusińskim, Tomaszem Wysockim and Tomaszem Lacznym – hosted by Maja Kaszkur and Paweł Klein

Opening of the exhibition "Memory is not the End" by Tomasz Wysocki

Opening of the exhibition „Erna Helena Ania” by Tomasz Laczny

Workshop 19 Rzek

Exhibitions that you can see during the festival

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