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Szymon Kobusiński’s Flores project is a visual meditation and reflection on the nature of memory. At the same time, the piece itself, as well as the process of its creation, are the artist’s own way of dealing with grief over moments lost that, unappreciated in due time, have waned and faded into the chaos of memory. Superimposed on those moments is the noise of passing time, which transforms them and, perhaps, lends them a different form.
Flowers as an object of artistic observation become the symbolic matter of this theme. They come from all sorts of events in which the artist participated or which he witnessed: family celebrations, funerals, official events. However, in the photographs themselves, their relation to specific events is irrelevant. They are a tool, like the water motif, a long-standing trademark of Kobusiński’s work. In this case, the artist uses it metaphorically, as a prism of time, but also literally, as a means to create images that are spontaneous and resist absolute control. At its core, this photographic tactic is intended to trigger retrospection and intensify one’s impressions. Turning to his essential aesthetics, the artist revives and archives his own emotions, at the same time grants them a universal character.


Szymon Kobusiński


Szymon Kobusiński

Szymon Kobusiński is an artist working in the visual arts. His oeuvre combines elements of abstraction and figurativeness, featuring both classical photography and video materials.

Szymon first learned photography from his father, a sculptor and theater set designer, back when he was several years old. Today, Kobusiński teaches at the Film School in Łódź, of which he is also a graduate. Among his many awards and honors, the artist is especially fond of his 2014 Lucie Awards nomination. He is the author of many distinguished art projects, including solo exhibitions: “ Another World” (2001), “The Light of Life” (2004), “To Save From Oblivion” (2005), “Medalists” (2008), “Passion” (2008), “O2” (2012), “Intimacy” (2017) and “Erinyes” (2021). His pieces have been exhibited in many prestigious venues, including the Grand Theatre – Polish National Opera in Warsaw, the National Museum in Cracow, the National Theatre in Warsaw, as well as various galleries in Berlin, London and Copenhagen. The exhibition “To save from oblivion” has been deposited at the Emigration Museum in Gdynia. Kobusiński is also the author of “Now we’re over the water,” a book overview of his work.

In 2009, Szymon Kobusinski revived a unique space from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the treasury of the Polish Bank in Warsaw, which has since served as his studio (Studio Bank).

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