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Trine Søndergaard

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Trine Søndergaard




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Courtesy of the artist and Martin AsbækGallery
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Trine Søndergaard’s retrospective exhibition consists of two separate series of photographs that the artist continued and developed over many years. The first, the project “Hovedtøj”, is a series of portraits of young girls who, while wearing their own contemporary clothes, at the same time put on historical headgear made in the 19th and early 20th centuries by women for women.

These historical fabrics function in the project as traces of a bygone era, a heritage of women who shaped their own community, so rich in expression, but now almost forgotten. The portraits are not personal in their meaning, but more universal, and the photographs do not focus on depicting the details of the outfit. Their essence is what cannot be found in clothes themselves, and what is associated with the female world of experiences. It is like a meeting in the course of two generations of women with very different ordeal and stories. With this procedure, the artist connects, but also confronts the past with the present, giving the images a timeless character.

Silence, sensitivity and restraint are expressive features that permeate all of Trine Søndergaard’s work. In the second series of the exhibition – “Interior” – the artist presents empty, desolated spaces, suggestive photographs of historic silent mansions and rooms. The chambers seem bare, revealing what is usually hidden behind furniture and other objects. The images create a poetic experience of space, suggesting existential anxieties such as abandonment, loneliness, sadness and reflection and nostalgia.

Curator: Maja Kaszkur


Trine Søndergaard


Trine Søndergaard
Trine Søndergaard is one of the most well-known and characteristic Danish artists who use the medium of photography. She studied drawing and painting in Aalborg and Copenhagen, and later attended Fatamorgana – School of Art Photography in Copenhagen. Her projects are characterised by precision and attention to sublime details and sensitivity, as well as a documentary style enhanced by a poetic narrative. The main theme of the photographer's work is vision and gaze. She uses austere visual poetics in which the motifs and phrases from her earlier works become a reference. It takes place in the spirit of a certain game, but also contemplation, in a balance between spontaneity and precision, plan and randomness. The works are characterised by accumulating more and more meanings and silent emotions, often revolving around personal and universal existential questions. It is a kind of visual study of what it means to be human, and while the source of the image is often in personal experiences and visions, it also includes a general exploration of more general phenomena related to historical, cultural and gender issues. Søndergaard's works have been presented at many international collective and individual exhibitions, most recently at the Royal Danish Library, Gammel Holtegaard and the Gothenburg Art Museum. It is represented in the largest public and private collections around the world. The artist has carried out public contracts for both museums and cultural institutions.
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