Event Horizon

Kacper Kowalski

Event Horizon

Kacper Kowalski




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The term “event horizon” is the boundary marking the limits of a black hole or a tunnel of spacetime that separates observers from events, of which the former will never receive any information. In other words, it is a boundary within spacetime, upon the crossing of which the speed of any object or wave exceeds the speed of light in a vacuum. No object, not even light emitted from within, from behind the horizon, can leave this area. All that permeates the event horizon from the side of the observer disappears. It is the last shadow before pitch darkness which absorbs all the light. Event horizon is an arbitrary, if not metaphorical boundary.

“Event Horizon” is an intimate project. Kacper Kowalski’s photographs have long ceased to be an aesthetic stock-taking of nature. In the artist’s relation with his surroundings, the landscape has become a sort of medium, a tool depicting emotions, an image emanating inscapes and feelings, while the flight itself is a form of trance. The author hands over the reins to instinct, which leads to surprising, unexpected if not mystical experiences, triggering unexpected reflections and interpretations.

Kowalski tries to understand his own perception of the world, unwittingly incorporating archetypes into his modes of observation. They are aligned with the landscape at a personal, intimate frequency. He not only sees images, but feels through them, observes nature in terms of photography, not knowing where it will take him, what emotions it will evoke and what it will reveal in his subconscious self.

Curator: Maja Kaszkur


Kacper Kowalski


Kacper Kowalski
Kacper Kowalski (b. 1977, Poland) is an architect and pilot, but he decided to commit to flying and photography - his true passion. As a paraglider, a pilot of foot-launched glider aircraft, Kacper would fly into the air with an engine strapped to his back to discover the world of forms, shapes, and patterns. Constantly fighting with the natural forces: wind and air currents, when he photographs from 150 above the ground level, he finds himself in an almost meditative state, when the nature and surroundings reveal to him not only abstract forms, but also seem to communicate with him with the language of symbols that appear on his photographs. The flight becomes a spiritual journey that reveals universal truths about the relationship between man and nature, about the past and the present, and about one’s own personal truth and the way to get there.  In 2021 Kacper will celebrate 25 years anniversary since his first solo paragliding flight. It means he has spent over 5000 hours alone in the air travelling over 250,000 km through the sky. That's like launching into space and almost being on the moon. He flew over the Dalai Lama's house in India, he made dozens of emergency landings including rooftops, trees and swamps and many adventures.  His first book, Side Effects, was published in 2014, and the second - OVER - was self published in 2017 and the third Arche in 2021. His photos have been awarded three times in the World Press Photo contest and have won dozens of other awards, including POYi five times. His projects have been exhibited several hundred times in group and solo exhibitions all over the world. He is represented by galleries: Bildhalle in Amsterdam and Zurich, and Atlas Gallery in London. His documentary photos are available for editorial usage by Panos Pictures agency. Kacper lives and works in Gdynia, Poland.
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